Pending Zoning Amendment Proposals

On this page, you can find the drafts of zoning amendment proposals that the Planning Commission is considering, or that the Planning Commission has forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation to adopt.  Recently-adopted changes to the zoning ordinance are also mentioned here.

Manufacturing Zones.  A light-manufacturing only zone is being crafted. These zones have been discussed this summer at an open house for the public, by the Envision Committee, and at two Planning Commission workshops. The Planning Commission has two public hearings on drafts incorporating comments from the public. It has made a recommendation to the City Council to make revisions. The Planning Commission’s recommendation was introduced to the City Council in its work session on August 28, 2017. The proposal was discussed in a public meeting and considered by the City Council on September 25, 2017. The City Council held a work session with members of the public on October 16, 2017.  The Council is currently considering the input received from the public, and will likely be making revisions to the proposed ordinance, which will be aired at least once more in a public meeting in the next few weeks.  Click here to see the staff report and the proposed revised ordinance that the City Council has been considering for adoption.

Fencing. The Planning Commission will be considering a fence ordinance. The topic was discussed in a public hearing by the Planning Commission at its October 18th, 2017 meeting.

R-M Residential Zone.  The Planning Commission has been considering revising the R-m Residential Zone ordinance. The topic was discussed in a public hearing by the Planning Commission at its October 18th, 2017 meeting.

Definition of “height”. The City Council has adopted a change in how building height is measured so that it is consistent throughout the Code. See Ordinance 17-38.

C-1, C-2, and C-3 zone amendments.   The City Council recently amended the commercial zones ordinance to resolve a variety of use-related issues. The new ordinance fixes problems that have arisen from years of no change in the status quo, in an effort to keep up with the changing times. See Ordinance 17-35.

FCOZ revisions. The City Council recently repealed and replaced the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone. Among other things, the new ordinance simplifies development and design standards, reconciles conflicts with wildfire suppression standards, and brings the zone into compliance with state-imposed legal requirements. The nuts and bolts of slope protection for Millcreek’s foothills remains in place. See Ordinance 17-29.

Adding definitions.  The City Council recently enacted Ordinance 17-26, which adds certain definitions to the zoning code, including , for instance, “civic uses,” “food truck”, “light manufacturing,” “mixed use”, “office uses”, variations on “retail”.  In addition, an expanded light manufacturing definition was adopted.

Conditional Uses. Ordinance 17-30 is the new conditional use update that the City Council recently adopted. This ordinance increases compliance with state law.

Going forward. The tentative  schedule for updating ordinances includes revising the Residential Multiple-Family, the Parking Chapter, and crafting a design ordinance. Eventually, almost every paragraph in the zoning ordinance will be updated. Keep your eye out on this page and on this website’s calendar for open houses and public hearings. We want as much input from the Millcreek community as we can get.