Pending Zoning Amendment Proposals

On this page, you can find the drafts of zoning amendment proposals that the Planning Commission is considering, or that the Planning Commission has forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation to adopt.

Off-premise sign bank clarification. A Public Hearing will be held to consider amendments to the Millcreek Code of Ordinances Section 19.82.020 – Definitions- with respect to the definition of “Existing Billboards “ to change  the date  used to determine existing billboards from “prior to May 18, 2004,” to “existing as of December 27, 2013,” and limiting the boundaries for existing billboards to the boundaries of the city as it was incorporated  and Section 19.82.185B – Off-premises signs— Cap on Number of Off-Premises Signs  to change the date used to limit the number of off-premise signs from May 18, 2004, to December 27, 2013 and limiting the boundaries for the number of off- premise signs to the boundaries of the city as it was incorporated.  The Public Hearing will be held on  April 19, 2017 during the Millcreek Planning Commission meeting at 5 PM at 2001 South State Street, North Building, Room N2-800.   The current ordinance can be found here at p.  269.  The proposed amendments are here.

C-1, C-2, and C-3 zone amendments.   The Millcreek Township Planning Commission is working on changes to Millcreek’s commercial zones, including the C-1, C-2 and C-3 zones. Here is a draft of the proposed new ordinance governing the C-1, C-2, and C-3 zones.

The proposed changes do not alter the on-the-ground outlines of the commercial zones. Instead, the changes are designed to have Millcreek’s ordinances comply better with state law. They will also fix issues that have arisen from years of no change in the status quo, in an effort to keep up with the changing times.

Adding definitions.  In connection with amending the C-1,  C-2 and  C-3 zones, the Planning Commission is considering adding certain definitions to the zoning code, including , for instance, “civic uses,” “food truck”, “light manufacturing,” “mixed use”, “office uses”, variations on “retail”.  For a complete list, click here.

New MD zone. The City is in the process of creating a new Mixed Development (MD) zone. The zone change won’t be applied at this point to any specific area. But in the future, property owners will be able to seek MD zoning in order to pursue a greater variety of uses in the Meadowbrook area of the City (west of State Street).  The MD zone would promote a very urban setting in an area of our community that has been somewhat neglected and which is adjacent to TRAX. Here is a draft of the proposed ordinance (that highlights the Planning Commission’s recommended revisions to the original draft revision they considered).  The ordinance came before the City Council on April 3rd for a hearing.  The Council made additional recommendations for revisions, which will be posted on this page when they are complete. The proposed MD ordinance will be brought back to the Council on April 10th.

Adding definitions.

Going forward. The tentative schedule for updating ordinances includes revising the Residential Multiple-Family and Manufacturing zones, rewriting the Conditional Use chapter, preparing new definitions, and crafting a design ordinance. Eventually, almost every paragraph in the zoning ordinance will be updated. Keep your eye out here for open houses and public hearings. We want as much input from the Millcreek community as we can get.