Planning Commission Agendas/Minutes

06/21/17 Agenda and packet 06/09/17_Special Working Meeting Agenda 05/17/17 Agenda and (amended) packet 04/26/17_Special Working Meeting (Amended) / Minutes 04/19/17 Agenda and packet / Minutes 04/03/17 Special Working Meeting / Minutes 03/15/17 Agenda and packet / Minutes 03/6/17 Special Work Meeting Agenda 02/15/17 Agenda / Minutes 01/18/17 Agenda / Training session (no minutes)

Planning and Zoning Ordinances

Title 15 – BUILDINGS AND CONSTRUCTION Title 18 – SUBDIVISIONS Title 19 – ZONING Ord 17-29 – Repealing chapters 19.72 and 19.73 of the Millcreek ordinances, entitled, respectively, “Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone” and “Foothills and Canyons Site Development and Design Standards,” and replacing them with a new chapter 19.72, entitled “Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone.” Ord 17-27 – Amending Millcreek’s… Continue reading Planning and Zoning Ordinances

Pending Zoning Amendment Proposals

On this page, you can find the drafts of zoning amendment proposals that the Planning Commission is considering, or that the Planning Commission has forwarded to the City Council with a recommendation to adopt. C-1, C-2, and C-3 zone amendments.   The Planning Commission is working on changes to Millcreek’s commercial zones, including the C-1, C-2… Continue reading Pending Zoning Amendment Proposals

Mayor’s Meetings

In accordance with Millcreek ordinances, some planning and development decisions and some appeals from the Millcreek Planning Commission’s decisions are heard by Mayor Silvestrini. Agendas for the public meetings in which Mayor Silvestrini makes such decisions and hears appeals are listed on this page. 06/02/17_Mayor Meeting Agenda and Packet 04/14/17 Mayor Meeting Agenda