Volunteers on the Planning Commission and the Envision Committee, and a couple of very generous consultants, have been helping us gear up to obtain your input to create a new vision for our city. Look for us at Venture Out! and other events this summer. Make your voice heard by answering the three questions on this short survey.

In the meantime, we just signed a contract with Logan Simpson Design to start our General Plan and implementing ordinances. We interviewed five very qualified teams, and were impressed with the outreach plan that Logan Simpson put together and the homework they did for the interview.  They seemed to best capture the kind of public engagement leading to a community vision that we are seeking.

The Envision Committee will meet with Logan Simpson for a work meeting on September 13, 2017, 6:30 PM, at our temporary City Hall, 500 East 3932 South. Feel free to join! Click here for the agenda.

This is your City. Your opinions are crucial to its future. What do you like about Millcreek as it is today, and what do you think could be improved? Please join us in this very exciting new beginning!