Click here for an interactive map of Millcreek that shows City Council Districts, property zoning, and zip codes.  The post office accepts “Millcreek” on all addresses.

Click here for an interactive map of each individual property within Millcreek. Zoom into each property to ascertain its parcel number and zone, as well information on the specific agencies providing services to the property (trash/recycling, water, sewer, and school districts). The map also provides information on the liquefaction potential of each property in the event of an earthquake.

Click here for the plat map of Millcreek’s boundaries.

Millcreek’s Boundaries

Millcreek City’s boundaries stretch from the Jordan River west of I-15 to the Forest Service’s property in the eastern foothills.  On this map, Millcreek is the tan area contained within the purple lines.


The tan areas outside the purple lines were part of former Millcreek Township. The County excluded those areas when it drew our new City’s boundaries.

Cities Surrounding Millcreek

Salt Lake City (aqua) is to the north of Millcreek, with the Brickyard awkwardly jutting into the northwest part. Salt Lake City’s 1978 annexation of the Brickyard was an impetus for Millcreek’s boundary protection concerns.

South Salt Lake City (pink) is to the northwest of Millcreek.

West Valley City (brown) and Taylorsville (cream) touch Millcreek at its westernmost points.

Murray (green) and Holladay (gray) are to the South.

A small island of unincorporated Salt Lake County (white), along Van Winkle near 1300 East, is surrounded by Millcreek, Murray, and Holladay.