Flood Danger Update

MILLCREEK. Gov. Herbert declared the week of March 20th as Flood Safety Awareness Week 2017. Salt Lake County Flood Control came to our March 13th City Council meeting to get us up to date on what’s happening.

According to the County, the all-time record snowpack in our area occurred in 2011. This year’s snowpack is lower than 2011 in the lower elevations, but exceeds 2011 levels in the higher elevations. See here for the numbers and charts that the County presented to us.  The levels are beginning to pleateau and are likely are headed back down due to our recent warming trend. Never wanting to overly-optimistically prognosticate, however, the County cautions that it all depends on what the weather does in the next several weeks.

Here are links to periodic updates on discharge levels of creeks in Millcreek: Parleys Creek at canyon mouth;  Mill Creek at canyon mouth; Mill Creek at 460 West; Big Cottonwood Creek at 300 West. Unfortunately, the County does not have a real time link for Neff’s Creek. (Note that FEMA has been working on an expanded Flood Rate Insurance map that will become effective in 2018 or 2019. You can find out more information here.)

What you can do to help

Residents living along a creek bed can help to prevent flooding by removing any log piles, branches, or other debris that might get caught in rising water and carried downstream where it could create a blockage.

If you notice debris piled up in areas of the creeks, on grates or culverts, it is important to notify County Flood Control Maintenance at 385-468-6578 as soon as possible so that the creek can be cleared before high runoff starts. For emergencies, please contact the UFA or the emergency contacts listed below.

Millcreek will continue to work with the County to monitor runoff and keep you informed of potential flooding issues.

Residents concerned with flooding on their property can go to the Midvale Public Works location (604 West 6960 South) and pick up 25 filled sandbags. The County has also has flood preparedness information here on its website. The County’s two-phase Flood Emergency Operation Plan can be found here. The staging areas in Millcreek are at the County Salt Pile at 3800 S. and Wasatch Blvd., Smith’s at 3215 S. Valley St. (3300 E), and Scott Ave. Park at approximately 3400 South 850 East.

Rich Judson, Flood Control Maintenance Supervisor

Unified Fire Authority
or Public Works Dispatch City emergency