Snow Removal

Snow removal is still being provided to Millcreek by Salt Lake County.  During large storms like we have seen this winter, all of the plows are out working 24-7.  Top priorities are main roads, steep roads, emergency routes and schools. To help avoid a blocked driveway, the County encourages you to shovel snow to the “downstream” side of your driveway. For information and complaints about snow plow services, call the County’s 24-hour number: 385-468-6101.

A reminder that we all need to help the snow plow drivers to do their jobs.  It is illegal to leave a car parked in the street from November through March when there is snow in the street. See Millcreek Ord. 11.20.130.  If you see a chronic problem, you can report it to the UPD non-emergency number at 385-468-9620.