11/21/16 Council-Elect Minutes

Minutes of the
Millcreek Council-Elect Work Meeting
Monday, November 21, 2016
4:00 pm

Millcreek Offices – Conference Room
3932 South 500 East, Millcreek UT

Jeff Silvestrini – Mayor Elect – In Attendance
Silvia Catten – District 1 Council Elect– In Attendance
Dwight Marchant – District 2 Council Elect– In Attendance
Cheri Jackson – District 3 Council Elect– In Attendance
Bev Uipi – District 4 Council Elect – In Attendance


Mr. Silvestrini called the WORK MEETING to order at 4:10 pm.

1. Logo.

The Council considered several logos for the new City.

MOTION made by Mr. Marchant and seconded by Ms. Catten to approve the following logo on a temporary basis.
Motion passed unanimously.

2. Telephones.

Discussion of telephone installation.

MOTION made by Mr. Marchant and seconded by Ms. Jackson to approve a committee comprised of resident Glen Worthington and Cottonwood Heights treasurer David Muir to research what is necessary to get the telephone system up and operating by January 3, 2017, and report back at the next meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

3. Recording system for meetings.

Discussion of system required for recording meetings. Mr. Silvestrini mentioned that Cottonwood Heights has donated equipment. Mr. Muir clarified that the equipment included just microphones, a table, and a large rack. The recording was done with a laptop, which Cottonwood Heights did not provide.

Mr. Silvestrini said that he would provide his personal dictaphone on a temporary basis. Ms. Catten agreed to look into a more permanent solution and will report back at the next meeting.

4. City attorney.

Mr. Silvestrini told the council that attorney John Brems has been volunteering his time to help the City get up and running. Other attorneys have also been helping, but Mr. Brems has provided the most time and advice. The City needs a code of ordinances on Day 1, and we need an attorney to review them. Mr. Silvestrini needs the assistance of an attorney with municipal experience to complete other tasks necessary to get the City up and running, such as completing the survey necessary to submit with the incorporation paperwork to the Lt. Governor. Mr. Silvestrini said that it would not be fair to continue to ask for volunteer assistance given the monumental work necessary to incorporate and move forward.

Mr. Silvestrini said that Mr. Brems has offered his services through June 30, 2017 at the discounted rate of $150 per hour, and agreed to wait to be paid until revenues start to flow into the City. Mr. Brems assisted Taylorsville, Herriman, and Cottonwood Heights to incorporate, and is currently Taylorsville’s city attorney.

Mr. Marchant said that he would rely on Mr. Silvestrini’s judgment. The fact that Mr. Brems would delay payment is huge.

Mr. Silvestrini said that Mr. Brems would be submitting a proposal through June 30, 2017. The council does not have authority yet to bind the City, but he aside for a moral commitment to agree to pay for Mr. Brems’ services going forward.

Mr. Brems assured the council, at Ms. Uipi’s request, that a detailed bill would be submitted.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that city attorneys are usually paid a retainer, but the work necessary to complete right now is unpredictable.

Mr. Brems assured the council, at Ms. Catten’s request, that the invoices would not be retroactive, but only going forward from today.

MOTION by Mr. Marchant and seconded by Ms. Jackson to give Mr. Brems a moral commitment to pay him through when the council signs a contract with him. Motion passed unanimously.

5. MSD Study.

Mr. Silvestrini told the council that only one company, Lewis Young, responded to the RFP for the MSD study. That company did the 2012 feasibility study. Suzy Becker was doing the work, and took it to Zions when she went to work there. Zions didn’t bid because they had a conflict of interest—Salt Lake County has asked them to do the pricing that the MSD will be charging for services.

Ms. Jackson asked who else might have submitted a proposal

Mr. Silvestrini mentioned CH2M Hill, which had declined an invitation from him to submit a proposal. He also mentioned Zions, GK Baum, and JUB Engineering. None of them had responded to the RFP.

Mr. Silvestrini said that the bid was for $29,000, which he felt was reasonable. Mr. Brems said that Sandy City, which had let the RFP for Millcreek, had told him that the $29,000 was half of the cost Sandy was expecting.

Mr. Silvestrini suggested that the council digest the study, interview Lewis Young, and then negotiate a contract. Mr. Brems will help with that process.

6. Signage, stationery.

Mr. Silvestrini indicated that the Mt. Olympus Improvement District has agreed that the City may install a temporary sign outside, which could be on the building or on a monument. Mr. Brems advised that we ensure that any such signage meets the sign code the City will be adopting.

Ms. Uipi agreed to be the point person to investigate signage (external and front desk), and work with John Brems to ensure code compliance. Ms. Uipi also agreed to investigate the cost of stationary, letterhead, and business cards.

7. Self-provision of planning and zoning.

Mr. Silvestrini indicated that he would like to work with the MSD Board to determine whether we can self-provide planning and zoning as soon as possible. The MSD and the County have an interlocal agreement that the County will be providing the services. We can ask the MSD to modify the interlocal agreement so that the MSD can contract with Millcreek to provide planning and zoning for Millcreek.

Discussion about timing and necessary staffing to bring planning and zoning in-house. The Council expressed general consensus that there was insufficient time and funding to get planning and zoning up and running by January 3rd. Nevertheless, the Council would like to complete the process as soon as possible.

MOTION was made by Ms. Jackson, seconded by Mr. Marchant to authorize Mr. Silvestrini to negotiate with the MSD Board to self-provide planning and zoning.

8. Business licensing.

Mr. Silvestrini said that the fees the County charges for business licensing are far less than those charged by Cottonwood Heights and South Salt Lake. Business fees are not supposed to be a revenue source, but the County’s fees are extremely low. In fact, the County uses all of the fees collected for enforcement. We need a public hearing at some point to see if business licensing fees should be raised.

Mr. Brems noted that a study would first have to be performed.

Ms. Uipi agreed to contact the County about business licensing renewal letters going out in December, and moving forward to notice that all licensing fees are now paid to the City of Millcreek.

9. Hiring needs.

Discussion of need for office manager immediately, to help put out agendas, do clerical work, be a face at the reception desk, and answer phones. The City Recorder could do this, and maybe also Human Resources. The person would need to understand the requirements of public noticing.

Mr. Silvestrini indicated that we also need a treasurer. He has spoken with the treasurer of Holladay. Mr. Muir performs a similar function in Cottonwood Heights. We can use Quickbooks for now. Mr. Muir has been helping with that.

David Salazar, Salt Lake City’s human resource director, has provided drafts for various positions. They will be circulated among the Council for discussion next week.

Report from Mr. Silvestrini on his efforts to procure startup-finances in absence of immediate revenues.

10. Emails.

Report from Mr. Silvestrini on procurement of millcreek.ut.gov. He will send a list of emails to the state. Discussion among council and agreement to adopt convention of first name initial and then last name@millcreek.ut.gov, e.g., cjackson@millcreek.utah.gov. The Council also agreed to set up generic mailboxes for: mayor, info, community.

11. Ongoing tasks identified by Governance Committee.

The Council members agreed to review the spreadsheet provided by the Governance Committee of tasks necessary to get the City up and running, and to return next week with a list of items on which each feels comfortable being the point person.

Work meeting adjourned at 5:58 p.m.


Mr. Silvestrini called the PUBLIC MEETING to order at 6:10 p.m., and led the meeting in the pledge of allegiance.

1. Public Comment

Joel Sheppard, 1423 Stockbridge Lane, appreciates the City Council. He works for PHP. He can answer questions about benefits.

JoAnn Wong suggested that if the City will be self-providing planning and zoning, the Council should open up a public meeting to Millcreek contractors to determine what has been working and what has not.

John Seaman, Millcreek resident, and Holly Duran, from Zions Bank’s municipal services division, noted that Zions Bank would be a good choice for providing the City’s banking services.

Chief Steve DeBry, who is chief of the Millcreek division of the UPD, offered his congratulations to the Council. He is looking forward to working with everyone. He can be reached on his cell 801-599-0547. The office is on 15th East and 3900 South. He offered the public to come ride with officers. The Millcreek division runs programs such as Sub for Santa and Good Will. They just delivered Thanksgiving dinner to seven needy Millcreek families.

In response to a question from the public, Chief DeBry said he would look into why crime statistics are no longer posted on the website. Mr. Silvestrini suggested a monthly update from the Millcreek division to the Council would be welcome.

The public comment period was closed.

2. Ratification of motions made in work session.

Mr. Silvestrini explained to the public what motions had been made in the work session.

MOTION made by Ms. Jackson, seconded by Ms. Catten, to ratify the motions made in the work session. The motion passed unanimously.

3. Minutes.

MOTION made by Ms. Catten, seconded by Mr. Marchant, to approve the October 17th minutes and November 14th minutes. Ms. Uipi made one amendment to the November 14th minutes. With that change, the motion was approved unanimously.

4. Presentation made by Envision Utah.

Pat Matheson has lived in Millcreek for about 20 years. He lives by the Millcreek Recreation Center.

Mr. Matheson explained what Envision Utah does. He went through and explained a recent project they have been working on for Layton, Utah.

In response to a question from the Council, Mr. Matheson said that Layton’s cost was $70,000, with Layton’s staff doing much of the work. He thought that the cost was shared 50/50 between Layton and the Wasatch Front Regional Council.

Mr. Silvestrini reminded the Council that the City has applied for a $120,000 grant from the Wasatch Front Regional Council for visioning and upgrading the City’s general plan.

In response to a question from the public, Mr. Matheson explained that the introduction of the automobile had led to current development patterns.

In response to a question from the public, Mr. Matheson said that Envision Utah would take the City through the visioning process, but would not write the plan.

5. Presentation made by The Village.

Kevin Lieu, vice president of sales for The Village, made a presentation about a mobile app that helps the transparency of municipalities. Through the app, members of the public can receive “push” notices about subjects of interest to them. City council meetings can be streamed live, and members of the public can post live comments. Cities can “push” notifications to constituents about city news, and post website links.

The Council expressed interest in pursuing a relationship with The Village.

6. Adjournment

MOTION made by Ms. Uipi, seconded by Ms. Catten, to adjourn. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.