11/14/16 Council-Elect Minutes

Minutes of the
Millcreek City Governance Committee Meeting
Monday, November 14, 2016
6:00 pm

Millcreek temporary city offices
3932 South 500 East

Jeff Silvestrini – Mayor Elect – In Attendance
Silvia Catten – District 1 Council Elect– In Attendance
Dwight Marchant – District 2 Council Elect– In Attendance
Cheri Jackson – District 3 Council Elect– In Attendance
Bev Uipi – District 4 Council Elect – Excusee

Mr. Silvestrini called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.
Boy Scout Troop 495 from Canyon Rim presented colors and led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Introduction of new council

The newly-elected Mayor and Council Members briefly introduced themselves.

Presentation by IBTS.

Don Howell from IBTS made a presentation, and explained to the Council-Elect the services it could provide to help the new City of Millcreek get started.

Highlights from his presentation include:

IBTS is a non-profit 501(c)(3). The organization’s charge is to do everything it can to improve local government.

IBTS’s board of directors is comprised of a series of professional organizations, such as ICMA, CSG, NGA for Best Practices, and the National League of Cities

IBTS would provide efficient, cost-effective services. Examples: electronic plan reviews, on-line permitting, and a call center for problem-solving. All employees would be on IBTS payroll, except statutory employees would be City employees. Shared savings.

IBTS provides back-office resources, so that expertise can be provided without the City having to hire a full-time person.
IBTS would work for a guaranteed price. If expenses go over, IBTS would pay the excess. The price is customized based on the size of the project. Margins are generally 3.2% to 5% over actual costs.

IBTS would finance Millcreek’s initial startup costs, and help the city to hire an initial interim manager. The city would be ready to open on January 3rd.

Based on what IBTS has been hearing from governance meetings, Phase 1 of IBTS’s work for Millcreek would include setting up Administration, Planning and Development, Building Services, Parks and Recreation, and Communications. Phase 2 would start on April 1st or July 1st, and include Public Works and Economic Development.

Mr. Howell answered several questions from the Council-Elect and from audience members.

Public Comment.

Mr. Silvestrini invited the public to make comments. None were made,

Time and Days for Regular Council Meetings.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that the council becomes official after the canvass.

Discussion of times and days for meetings.

Motion made by Mr. Marchant, and seconded by Ms. Jackson, that the Council meet every Monday at 6 pm for a regular meeting, to start every other Monday at 4 pm for a work session, and to accommodate for Monday holidays by having the meeting the next day, Tuesday.
Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion of the Miller property in the Meadowbrook area.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that the County had applied for and Millcreek Township Planning Commission had recommended a rezone of nine of 20+ acres located in the Meadowbrook Small Area Plan. The County Council had postponed the application but is set to be heard on November 15th. All property owners have opposed the application. The County Council doesn’t appear to want to approve the application in light of the opposition.

Mr. Silvestrini requested direction from the Council as to the position Millcreek would take on the application.

Mr. Silvestrini outlined the current conditions of property, the Planning Commission’s efforts to create a new zone that would allow greater heights, the need to determine where future growth will be going. A current property owner has submitted a conditional use application for storage of equipment, which is not an ideal long-term use, but will likely be temporary as the economics of the area change.

John Jansen, current Planning Commissioner, indicated that it’s a question of whether the City wants to be proactive or reactive. Most cities want to be proactive. The county has been reactive.

Tom Stephens, current Planning Commission Chair, said that there is only one MD property in Millcreek. He and Mr. Jansen have been trying to write a new zone into the ordinance.

Mr. Jansen indicated that equipment storage is almost like vacant property.

Mr. Silvestrini said that the property owner is looking for a better offer. There is lots of developer interest in this area. It straddles the TRAX line. The property has been abused, polluted, asphalt recycling facility that had to be cleaned up, many junk cars, much of the housing very run down, although some new affordable housing is being built.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that there had been an opportunity for public input in the Meadowbrook Small Area Plan. It can be revisited. If we are having high rise in Millcreek, that’s where it should go. This part of Millcreek could be a shining star, providing revenue and a cool place for people to live in an urban environment—bike lanes, flower shops, sidewalk cafes on Main Street. The current zoning allows such this as rendering plants. Such an installation would prevent planning for this area.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that the discussion got started because of a suggestion that a biodiesel plant might be installed on Main Street.

MOTION made by Ms. Jackson, seconded by Mr. Marchant, that Mr. Silvestrini explain to the County Council our vision for this area, but to withdraw the application for the rezone at this time. Motion passed unanimously.

Banking Relationship.

Discussion with the City Council and members of the audience about creating a banking relationship. Because nothing is official until the canvass, the Council determined to put off until November 28th the decision of which bank to hire.


Mr. Silvestrini explained that the City has acquired several domain names, including millcreek.ut.gov and also millcreekut.org. After discussion, the Council determined that it is leaning toward millcreek.ut.gov.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that he has been working on procuring reservations for blocks of phone numbers. Discussion that 100 numbers should be adequate for a long time. General consensus that the City doesn’t want to pay more for a special prefix, such as 274-.

January 3rd swearing-in ceremony.

Ms. Jackson and Leslie Van Frank will work to plan an event.

Community Councils.

Discussion of what role going forward the Community Councils will have, and the pros and cons of changing the boundaries to match City Council districts. Consensus that a public meeting will have to be held to make any decisions.

Letter of Support for Forest Service.

Rita Lund told the Council that the Forest Service is doing work along the stream bank in Millcreek Canyon below the fee station. She asked the Council for a letter of support for a grant to rebuild the boardwalk around the dam.

MOTION by Mr. Silvestrini, seconded by Ms. Jackson, that the Council send the letter. The motion passed unanimously. Mr. Silvestrini will write the letter.

City Logo.

Mr. Silvestrini explained that Jay Griffith, who designed the Millcreek Township logo, would revise the logo to show: City of Millcreek, Millcreek City and Millcreek.

Some discussion about using the incorporation logo, but the consensus was to not do that. The consensus was to make the logo as simple as possible.

Direction given to Ms. Van Frank to check to see if “Millcreek” is available at the state, and to register the name if possible.

Discussion of IBTS Presentation.

Discussion about the City’s interest in partnering with IBTS.

Mr. Silvestrini indicated he was interested in some of what had been presented, but believed it should be a short-term relationship.

Mr. Marchant stated that he was skeptical. He wants to see the City run on a slimmer budget. He said that if working with IBTS would make the City run easier, but not better, he would save the money.
Ms. Jackson said that she feels that the Council members had been elected to run the City, and that there’s a level of trust between the Council and the public to that effect.

Ms. Catten said that she could see value in partnering with IBTS, but that she feels more comfortable now about what needs to be done. She suggested keeping IBTS in “our back pocket”.

Mr. Howell indicated that he would send more information out to the Council and to members of the public who filled out a sign-up sheet he had circulated.

MOTION made by Ms. Jackson to adjourn. Mr. Marchant seconded. Passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

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